NOTE: The first edition is sold out. The second edition is available here: A Helium Poet Lenormand, second edition

The image here is of the first limited edition set of cards, offered as a talismanic object. A Helium Poet Lenormand is a play on fortune-telling lingo – an acronym for this line of attributes: acrobatic, hermetic, erotic, literally intuitive, uniquely miraculous, punningly occult, and erratically traditional.

The project follows the philosophy of one cut, one blood. This means that the deck was created in one sitting, in this case, 45 minutes. Read about more about it here: My Lenormand Cards

The second edition published in 2021 features insets by Goodall and Son playing cards, used in the second and third volumes of Camelia Elias' Read Like the Devil trilogy dedicated to the use of playing cards for divination. Get the deck here A Helium Poet Lenormand, second edition

Sold Out